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– Sonde Health has unveiled Sonde Mental Fitness, a voice-enabled mental health detection and monitoring technology that uses a brief voice sample to evaluate mental well-being. Available as an application programming interface (API) for health systems, employers, and wellness service providers, Sonde Mental Fitness is an easy and affordable way for individuals to engage with and better understand their mental well-being and can serve as a much-needed early warning system for depression and other mental health conditions.

Much like a physical fitness tracker, Sonde Mental Fitness utilizes biomarkers to measure key indicators of health. Studies have shown that health conditions including depression, stress, anxiety, sleepiness/fatigue, and certain respiratory conditions can impact vocal features such as smoothness, control, liveliness, energy range, clarity. Sonde’s voice processing technology analyzes a 30-second audio recording of a user’s voice, picking up on subtle changes to these vocal features that could indicate changes to one’s mental fitness.

Sonde Mental Fitness: Engagement through Insight

Sonde Mental Fitness is powered by audio signal processing technology and machine learning models trained on more than 1 million voice samples from all over the world and has been optimized for voices across cultures, dialects, and languages. The tool prompts users to record a 30-second voice sample by responding to one of more than two dozen prompts, such as “How was your day?” It then analyzes the vocal features contained within the sample and translates results into an overall mental fitness score ranging from “excellent” to “pay attention.”

Sonde Mental Fitness also delivers useful health tips for users to strengthen their mental well-being. Additionally, voice samples are transcribed and stored as daily text journal entries, giving users a historical and contextual understanding of their emotional fitness. The combination allows individuals to track their mood and emotional progress over time, leading to improved self-awareness.

The use cases for Sonde Mental Fitness span enterprise and healthcare. For instance, employers can build Sonde Mental Fitness into their employee wellness offering as a low-risk, consumer-friendly way for employees to stay in tune with their mental health and improve the utilization of employee assistance programs (EAPs). Mental health providers, meanwhile, can use Sonde Mental Fitness to support therapy workflows and keep patients engaged in treatment outside of an office setting.


Source: https://hitconsultant.net/2021/10/05/sonde-health-launches-vocal-biomarker-tech/

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